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There are no easy answers to the challenges we face in education.  However, Deborah Harris Inc makes a big difference for schools responding to those challenges. We facilitate school and district reform via the development of collaborative school culture, the establishment of inclusive education practices and the restoration of the principles of plain “ole” effective teaching.  All of our workshops are comprehensive, interactive, intellectually stimulating and practical.  We consistently receive raving reviews from participants.

Educational Offerings

  1. Collaborative School Culture

  • Understanding how we persuade and are persuaded (Persuasive Quotient).
  • Empowering teachers to own the profession of education and become leaders of improving educational services.
  • Facilitating effective communication between teachers, administrators, staff, parents and students.

  2. Inclusive Education

  • Co-teaching (Revitalizing Instruction for Students and Educators (RISE)- a research based system for ensuring best practice co-teaching between general and special educators – 20 years of success.
  • Understanding Disabilities Beyond the Label – Labels used to categorize children with disabilities rarely inform teachers as to what is needed to ensure a child learns so this professional development ensures teachers understand what causes disabilities and how those disabilities impact the stages of instruction.  They will leave with strategies for addressing the disabilities at each stage.
  • Accommodations vs. Instructional Strategies - Accommodations even the playing field but don’t typically address the disability.  For example, if a child has a processing problem, they typically receive extended time as an accommodation, but what value is extended time if the child does not know how to process information.  Teachers will learn the difference and how to maximize the use of both.

  3. Effective Teaching Practices

  • Structured Lessons vs. Lesson Planning  - Learning is a constructive process and must be strategically structured versus routinely submitted as a lesson plan.
  • Plain “Ole” Effective Teaching Principles – Ensuring instructional practices align with how the brain learns and what it seeks without compromising curriculum standards.

“Experience the Difference!”


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