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Dr Harris' presentations are incredible. Her insights and humor are exceptionally educational. I have heard her presentations on multiple occasions and have learned something new each time. I work a range of volunteers and have become more adept at dealing with unique personalities and individual strengths after hearing her presentations. I strongly recommend Dr Harris to any organization looking to improve their effectiveness.

Linda Repass
Senior Army Spouse

I took another person's word that Dr. Deborah Harris was GREAT and she is just that!! She kept my staff motivated from the time she opened her mouth until she left a day later. Staff members still refer to points she mentioned throughout her presentation. She will leave you with lasting memories!

So take my word, you won't be disappointed!!

Deshera Mack, Principal
Chapel Hill, NC 




Deborah Harris Inc Client Testimonials

Dr. Harris!  Dr. Harris!  A dynamic orator!  In our military community she continues to deliver on target messages to leaders and volunteers alike.  Her technique keeps all audiences captivated and on the edge of their seats awaiting her next word.  Dr. Harris is creative, motivating, inspirational, uplifting and stimulating.  As a military child, a military sibling and a military mother she no doubt is the catalyst providing fuel and spark in exciting and motivating these audiences to continue to serve our communities, our military services, our Nation and the global society!  Thank you, Dr. Harris, from all you have touched.

General (RET) Kip and Mrs. Joyce Ward
US Army

I have heard Dr. Deborah Harris on numerous occasions and I have always been impressed with the strength of her ability to connect with her listening audiences regardless of their composition.  She has always gotten rave reviews when I have scheduled her for presentations, and I look forward to our continued relationship.

Cynthia J. Prime
President, Winning Strategies
Indianapolis, Indiana

Dr. Deborah Harris has the unique ability to help staff improve how they think about and respond to the needs of students with disabilities. Her ability to form positive relationships with staff makes her an accessible, approachable and integral part of our school district “family”. We are improving outcomes for students with disabilities in general education classrooms at rates two-three times that of other urban districts in Massachusetts.

Dr. Heather Larkin
Assistant Superintendent

I did not realize the impact of Dr. Harris’ training until I started to respond to the NEEDS of my students instead of reacting to their “labels”.  What a difference!  I started examining my instruction instead of blaming the child.  The training taught me how to understand my students at a deeper level.  I have never learned how to do that. 
Rita Galloway

Additional references are available upon request.

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